Tuesday June 20th- Wednesday June 21st @ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 19th: Pre-Conference Academy

Session dates, times, and other information subject to change

Morning Session

Implementation 101: Local, Regional, and National Application in Canada

This session will give participants an introduction to Implementation Science frameworks and their application, utilizing examples from large-scale initiatives based in Canada.

The Role on Intermediaries in Systems Change: Evidence-based Technical Assistance to Support Evidence-based Practices

This session will describe the roles and functions of intermediaries in supporting the use of evidence in complex systems. Evidence-based and data-driven technical assistance strategies will be discussed using case examples.

Building Implementation Science Capacity: Global Student Projects in Implementation Science

As the need to apply rigorous yet practical methods to support the implementation of global health programs continues to be recognized, several universities have begun to develop graduate programs in Implementation Science that supplements the training of implementation researchers with building the capacity of practitioners to apply implementation frameworks, tools and evaluation methods in the field...

Implementation Fidelity and Intervention Adaptation

This session will describe processes for assessing quality and adherence to implementation from exploration to sustainment. Dr. Saldana will explore how assessing implementation fidelity provides information needed to make informed choices regarding adapting interventions.

Learning to Improve: Evidence and Improvement Science

Participants in this workshop will explore the history and current practices associated with continuous quality improvement. ​Overlap across and distinction between improvement and implementation sciences will be discussed. Significant focus will be dedicated to methods for conducting root cause analysis, articulating improvement aims, measuring implementation and incremental outcomes, and making defensible claims about improvement. Workshop formats will include presentation, discussion, and activity.
1:30-4:30 PM
Afternoon Session

Overview of Implementation Science Through an Integrative Lens

This session will highlight an integrative approach to implementation – looking across frameworks and methods and identifying common elements to support implementation, scale and sustainability.

Implementation Guides and Tools Across Contexts

This session will describe processes for creating and using implementation guides and tools to support change in complex systems. Specific guides and tools will showcase how resources can be used across contexts.

Co-creation in implementation science: how does it work?

Could your stakeholders play a more active role in your implementation science activities? Are you interested in how that might happen? This session will engage participants in developing strategies for co-creation between researchers and knowledge users to strengthen the implementation of evidence in practice and policy.

Research-Practice Partnerships to Support Systems Change

This academy session will highlight how research-practice partnerships, long-term collaborations that pursue questions of practice can help to change systems...