Interactive workshops and storyboards

On top of the four ‘State of the Field’ Plenary Panels, there is a wide selection of interactive workshops and storyboard presentations to choose from.

Interactive workshops exploring the ‘hot topics’ for implementation

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to participate in three workshops designed to be an active learning and networking space, and an opportunity to compare, contrast and think together about understanding and applying knowledge regarding implementation.

You will have a choice of 36 interactive workshops!

Speakers and facilitators have been drawn from around the world, and have worked with colleagues from different places and disciplines to highlight the learning relevant to a global agenda for implementation practice, policy implementation and implementation research.

The workshops will focus on topics such as:

  • Scaling, scaling up and going to scale
  • Supporting leaders and decision makers to guide successful implementation
  • Creating and sustaining readiness of organisations and people to address change through implementation
  • Assessing fit and feasibility of innovations
  • Strengthening innovations or practices to be ‘implementable’ in context
  • Mechanisms for knowledge translation in the context of policy implementation and implementation practice
  • Engineering equity in implementation work
  • Using data to guide analysis and decision-making in implementation and improvement
  • Developing capacities for effective coaching
  • Multi-tiered approaches to practice, organisational and system change
  • Advancing understanding of the core competencies required for implementation practice
  • Strengthening implementation supports with and for organisations
  • Approaches to the design and conduct of implementation research
  • Strengthening the sharing of knowledge and insights regarding policy implementation and implementation practice

Storyboards: network and gain insights into the breadth and depth of the field

A choice of over 100 interactive storyboards

You will gain a sense of the breadth and depth of the field, and network with those who are doing the work of implementation practice and science in a variety of ways!

To get a sense of the breadth and depth on offer, here’s a small selection of the Storyboards that will be on display through out the conference, and will be the focus of an evening networking event:

  • Community versus system driven implementation processes: Building and maintaining key relationships for success
  • How do you apply implementation science in practice to achieve real world impact?
  • Rapid cycle design and testing: an innovative approach to improving services for children and families
  • Embedding rapid reviews in health systems decision-making in Malaysia: Building stakeholder partnerships
  • Using simple data dashboards for interventions
  • The Nurse-Family Partnership in Colorado: Supporting High Quality Programming with Implementation Science
  • Implementation of implementation science: The research-practice gap paradox
  • Barriers and facilitators for the development of a risk predictive tool for Clostridium
  • Implementation Frameworks: An analysis and synthesis
  • Using implementation facilitation to redesign the delivery of chemotherapy education at a Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Identifying and addressing ethical challenges to implementation research in low income countrie
  • Engaging Minoritized Populations: Implementing Agency Trauma-Responsive Programming Using Trauma-Responsive Principles
  • Sustaining Change: Unpicking relationships between the factors that impact on the sustainability of complex interventions
  • “The Breast Feeding Code”: Overcoming Implementation Barriers in Pakistan
  • Impact of Nutrition Policy Sustainability Six Years Later
  • Assessing Jurisdictional Readiness for Scale Up of a Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening Program
  • Co-designing a Hybrid II Implementation Project – Challenges for Implementation Researchers
  • Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation’s Journey: from traditional funder to impact driven funding
  • Adaptation and Fidelity: a recipe analogy for achieving both in population scale implementation